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地点: 广州 番禺区 南亭村南亭西社大街17巷12号(广美东门对面,LIDO433艺术空间)
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2017年伊始,受广州LIDO艺术中心邀请,芝加哥插画师/设计师Megan Pryce(梅根·普雷斯)来到广州大学城有艺术村之称的南亭村,进行了为期两个月的艺术家驻地计划。在这短暂的时间里,Pryce根据她在当地收集的素材,创作了一系列包括绘画,装置与实验影像的作品。Pryce希望通过此次展览和交流的机会,分享她作为一个外来者对于南亭村的生活文化、建筑风格的纯视觉理解。


 At the beginning of 2017, Megan Pryce who is a Chicago-based artist, illustrator, and designer, came to Guangzhou to be an artist in residence at Lido Art Center. She worked at Lido’s residence studio for two months in which she created a body of work related to a nearby artist village called Nanting. The village is located in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. In this short period of time, Pryce created a series of works including paintings, installations, and experimental video based on the materials she collected locally. As an outsider, Pryce hopes to share through the exhibition her pure visual understanding of the live, culture, and architectural style of Nanting Village. 

《在一方》(“In This Place”)是Pryce过去五个月旅行心理历程的写照。这一系列的作品着重于表现艺术家进入新环境时迫切想要了解她周遭事物的渴望。作为一个频繁的局外人,面对旅途中接触到到语言和文化,Pryce试图寻找视觉线索来填补她对其认知的空白。她很自然的被现成的事物所吸引,而她的作品灵感也大都来自于那些原本平常,却在新的语境中突然变得迷人的事物。 在广州南亭村的这段时间里,她被这座村落的机理与色彩所深深的吸引。 那些网格状的墙面和荧光塑料共同组成了描绘这座村庄特殊文化的画布。作为一个不懂汉语且对南亭文化知之甚少的外来者,梅根不断吸收着她所触碰过的事与物并将它们转化为内心里这座村庄存在的证明,那些堆砌的石子与废旧的标识成为指引她穿梭于这个世界的路标。


"In This Place" features work created by Megan Pryce during a five-month trip to Europe and Asia. The work focuses on the artist’s desire to understand her surroundings when entering a new space. Frequently being an outsider in a new language and culture, Pryce looks for visual cues to fill in the blanks. Naturally drawn to found objects, much of her work is inspired by mundane everyday items that suddenly become more fascinating in a new context. During her time in Nanting Village in Guangzhou, Pryce was drawn to the incredible textures and colors that make up the town. The gridded walls and neon plastics create a unique canvas for the creative culture there. With zero understanding of the Chinese language and little knowledge of the culture in Nanting, Pryce absorbed the objects of the village as evidence. Piles of rubble and old abandoned signs became landmarks for navigating through the space. 


Work Experience

IDEO, DigitasLbi, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Illinois Humanities, The Freehand Hotel, and Art Asia Pacific Magazine



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