Five sections of basic course studies


1. Eastern and Western art history courses

This courses will help the students to gain a basic understanding about art history, it will help them to develop their ability for research and it will help them to draw inspiration from the works of art masters. But most importatly, this knowledge will help them to develop their unique style of creation.


2. Basics of Western drawing techniques

Our different approach from Chinese drawing classes, focuses on helping the students to develop the right side of the brain with methods of observation, which will give the students a strong foundation in drawing in a short period of time.


3. Color theory courses

This course will help the students to understand the characters of colors in which they will learn how to mix them and place them. They will gain understanding about  different techniques of applying colors in painting and design.


4. Basic software skills workshops

Software workshops includes: Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Maya


5. Art design practice and exploration of materials

2D Visual exploration

·      摄影photography

·      绘画painting

·      版画print making


3D Visual exploration

·      雕塑 Sculpture

·      综合材料 Mixed media

Customized Major-specific art and design courses


Based on the student’s foundation and interest in art, we design and customized our courses to fully develop students’ creative potential.


Based on the major students choose, 2-3 art projects will be designed and executed.


Course structure:

  1. Research and collect inspirational materials, brainstorm and organize your ideas.
  2. Come up with a few ideas
  3. Begin the early research and study based on the preliminary ideas.
  4. Choose an especific theme
  5. Create a project plan and start working on it
  6. Evaluation of work for feedback (Adjustment of the work might be necessary depending on the instructor’s feedback)
  7. Layout designs for visual presentation
  8. International faculty

Courses in English

 With courses taught in English by our international teachers, who studied in western art school, our Students get to experience the western way of artistic thinking and teaching style, which will prepare them for studying in famous western art schools.

Art Majors

Fashion Desig

Graphic Design

Visual Communication Design

Industrial/Product Design

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Environment Design

Urban Planning

Arts Management

New Media