What's an Art Portfolio

An art portfolio is a collection of your artistic work, whether that's painting, photography, sculpture, or any other art form. It gives you the opportunity to show off your artistic skills, experiences and interests, and it is the most critical thing that helps admissions officers decide if you would be a good fit for their school. Top art schools abroad require students to submit their portfolios in order to judge whether you are qualified for admission and scholarships. From the portfolio, they can find out the students’ artistic skills, basic software skills, creativity and understanding of their mediums. Most importantly, they want to find out whether the students have their own artistic voice and the potential to be developed into professional artists.

Sketchbook Program

The Sketchbook Art Education Program, developed by LIDO instructors, provides courses created with a sense of responsibility for art education in our global society. Our courses are tailored for Chinese students who expect to attend western universities. The students will study and learn about core concepts and values of western art, which will help them to create a strong and professional art portfolio.


Most courses are taught by instructors who studied at some of the top art schools from around the world. At LIDO, students will find the guidance they need to push their creativity to the fullest. With our one on one professional guidance and our custom-designed courses, which can be taught online and offline, our students are guaranteed to have a deep and meaningful experience in the art world.



 Student Evaluation

We evaluate the students’ personal interests, artistic potential, and their current portfolios. Base on both, the understanding of the student interest and their current portfolio, we assist them to choose wisely the best area of study for them.


Introduction to the top art schools

We introduce the students to the top art schools, which are the best fit for their majors. We provide them with all the information they need like: locations, scholarship, tuition, application process and deadlines, housing, etc. Most of LIDO teachers received their education abroad and are well experienced in their field.  They can help the students to have a better understanding of the school and major they want to study. At the same time, our teachers are working artist, who can share valuable information with our students about how to direct their careers after graduation.


Choosing instructors and Art Institutions

We choose the students’ instructors  based on the school the students wish to attend. Our instructors have been educated in the top art schools of The United States, England, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. This wide variety of well-educated instructors guarantees to find the best math for our students based on their school of choice.


Portfolio making guidance

Our instructors will work hand in hand with the students, monitoring, offering instant feedback and guidance through out the whole process of creating a portfolio. Every student has their own personal advisor who will guide them and follow their progress in their studies. They will also help them solve any problems, and readjust the study plan if needed.


 Extra support during the process of making a portfolio

In some cases the student will have multiple instructors to help them realize any ambitious project they might have.

Our team of professional instructors is always available to help our students online and offline with basic courses, specialized courses and software workshops. This will help the students to make a high quality professional portfolio.


Curating and documenting the portfolio

We help the students to document all of their artwork in a professional way and we also teach them how to do it, so that they can use this important skill in the future.

After the projects are finished, they will be photographed/filmed professionally. With the help of a instructors, a high quality portfolio presentation file will be made. Each portfolio presentation will be specially designed to meet the requirements for the different schools students want to attend.


Writing an artist statement and preparation for interview

We help our students to write a coherent artist statement and we also help them to prepare for interviews with the schools.

Artist statement and school interviews are significant for the admission process. Our experienced instructors will assist students to state clearly their concepts or ideas when admission officers ask them about their work. When students talk fluidly about their work, they increase their chances to be admitted to their dream school.