Polly williams, Australia

Polly Williams is a multidisciplinary artist,her practice encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing and installation. Primarily the outcomes of my artistic practice focus on the concept of expanded painting. Employing a minimalist Pop aesthetic, geometric form and the use of dynamic color combinations, conceptually, her artwork explores auto-biographical themes in addition to the notion of alchemy, humor and play. 

The aforementioned traditional methods that arestandard to her practice are centered on her continuing interest in geometricPop art style shapes. As a series of artworks is developed a visual narrativebecomes apparent and the artworks act as protagonists for an overall anecdote.The combination of these methods and concepts allow me as an artist to offer avisual discourse to an audience.  

Her current artistic practice continues to centeron the idea of visual alchemy. Via this concept she is creating a series ofsimplified pared down hard edge geometric art works in a soft color palette.The narrative is to covey positive and auspicious affirmations producingemotive outcomes through color and design. 

Megan Pryce, Chicago USA





Megan is an artist and designer based in Chicago. Her professional and personal work celebrate texture as well as color and move between the digital and tactile world seamlessly.

She is inspired by artists that blur the line between art and design including George Giusti, Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, the Chicago Imagists and Bauhaus.

Recent collaborations include IDEO, DigitasLbi, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Illinois Humanities, The Freehand Hotel, and Art Asia Pacific Magazine.