ELIGIBILITY: The Residency Program is open to a wide range of artist and designers like painters, printmakers, filmmakers, musicians, performance artists, interdisciplinary and new media artists, graphic designers, architects and industrial designers. Applicants must exhibit professional standing in their field; both mature and emerging artists are welcome to apply. Work proposals must be compatible with our available working spaces, facilities, and resources.

ADMISSIONS: LIDO’s Residency program is small, we usually accept only one artist at the time but we could make an exception for collaborative proposals. Residents are chosen based on our availability and strength of their proposal.

APPLICATION DEADLINES: We only accept six artists per year and our residency terms are between four and six weeks long.

Months available for residency are:

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November

For Artists who want to start residency in March, April or May, the application deadline is December 31st of prior year

For Artists who want to start residency in June, July or August, the application deadline is March 31st    

For Artists who want to start residency on September, October or November, the application deadline is June 30th

If you missed the deadline, you can still email us and check for availability.

The notification of the status of your application takes about two weeks but we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we make a decision.

REFERENCES: Each applicant is responsible for requesting one letters of reference from qualified individuals who are familiar with his or her work. References may be included with the application or sent under separate email. Those writing letters of reference for you should identify their professional affiliation and are urged to honor the application deadlines.

COLLABORATION: If applying as a collaborative team (max two people), both artists need to submit separate applications along with a joint project proposal. Your work samples may be individual or collaborative. Please indicate in the proposal what requirements you need for a workspace.

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Please familiarize yourself with the requirements to obtain a Chinese visa based on your nationality. We will provide you with an invitation letter, which will be addressed to the Chinese Consulate of your city once you have been accepted and you’ve confirmed your participation in our residency program.

FACILITIES: Each selected resident is provided a private bedroom and studio space. Bathrooms are shared. Our studio has running water and natural light.


VISUAL ART: Submit 10-15 high resolution images in JPEG format along with your application, the images should contain title of piece, medium, size and year of completion.

FILM/VIDEO: Submit QuickTime file. Film/video Label each sample with your name, title, duration and date of work and a brief description of the work.

OTHER ARTISTS: If your project does not fall clearly within one of the above disciplines, please contact the Residency Manager to discuss an appropriate work sample.


We ask artists to donate one of their artwork done during their residency to Lido Art Center.

Application form Here

LIDO Artist Residency Program Application Form

NAME: __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________­­­_____

CITY: _________________________________________________


TELEPHONE:  _________________________________


E-mail:   ______________________________

FIELD OF CREATIVE ENDEAVOR IN WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Fields: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, Installation, Poetry, Music, Performance Art, New Media, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, etc. (Please describe).

DATE OF BIRTH (optional): _______________ CITIZENSHIP: __________________

RESIDENCY PERIOD for which you are applying. Please check one:

( )  March, April, May                              Deadline: December 31st of prior year      

( )  June, July, August                               Deadline: March 31st of same year

( )  September, October, November       Deadline: June 30th of same year


SCHEDULING INFORMATION: Residencies run for 4 weeks or 6 weeks periods; and they start on a Monday and ends on a Friday. Please select the amount of weeks you would like stay with us.

a. Number of weeks you are requesting: 4 ( )    6 ( ) 

b. First choice: From ________________to________________, 20_____

c. Second choice: From ______________to ______________, 20______

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: On a separate sheet, please describe your work plans for your stay at LIDO. 

How did you learn about the LIDO Artist Residency Program? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


Summit all materials to: 

Download the Application Form

Adobe Acrobat Document 70.8 KB